You may have noticed the symbol below on a shelf you own and wondered what this “NSF” was… a brand? a government agency? a meaningless string of letters? Read on to find out more about what NSF means to you!

NSF Mark

1. NSF is a certification, not a brand.

Shelves that are approved by the National Sanitation Foundation will bear the circular symbol, making it easily mistaken for a brand logo.

2. NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation.

Founded in 1944, the organization’s goal is to protect and improve global human health by developing standards and testing products for safety. The NSF is an independent and accredited organization.nsf-historical-marks

3. NSF-approved means the shelving is safe for use in sensitive industries such as food and medicine.

To be NSF-approved, a product must undergo extensive testing and material analysis to ensure that it is completely safe for these important fields.

4. NSF is not a life-long certification

NSF-approved products must also pass annual unannounced inspections to keep the certification. If the product ever fails to meet one of these standards, the NSF is proactive about taking actions to protect the consumer through recalls and public notification.

5. NSF Shelving comes in many varieties, including wire, plastic, and aluminium

We’re proud to say our own SI brand wire shelving is NSF approved. Shop our NSF Shelving category to see our wide selection of NSF-approved shelves and carts.

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