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Perhaps when you first started using your warehouse, it was exactly what you needed at the time. But in the time since then, your operations have grown and now you’re so pressed for space, you think moving to a larger location seems like your only option. If this sounds like you, how would you like to significantly multiply your available storage space in a cost-effective, non-intrusive way? This is exactly what adding a mezzanine to your warehouse can accomplish.

mezzanines_01You could say mezzanines are the ultimate example of utilizing vertical space. They give you the impact of having a second story installed in your warehouse, but for far less money and without the hassle of having to shut down while a second story is constructed. Mezzanines are prefabricated structures, so they can be installed quickly and easily with minimal impact on your operations. Even if you lease your warehouse space, you can still add a mezzanine. Mezzanines are also non-permanent structures, so you can have the benefits of all this extra storage space in a way that will keep your landlord happy.

Mezzanines are modular, so they can easily be adapted to fit any environment. They can be rearranged or added on to as needed. Although mezzanines might be able to help you extend your stay in your current location, if you do eventually decide to move to a new space, you have the option of taking your mezzanine with you. That’s certainly not something you could do if you actually built a second story.

Mezzanines don’t have to be just used for storage, either; they can also be used to provide additional space for employees to work. They can hold desks and filing cabinets just as easily as they can hold pallets and boxes of inventory. If your warehouse doesn’t have much office space available, why not consider a prefabricated office? They’re also modular and non-permanent, so you can always adjust them or move them later.


2 Responses to “How a Mezzanine Can Transform Your Warehouse”

  1. Andy Roberts says:

    Not having to pay for costs associated with moving premises is a massive benefit of mezzanines. Potentially doubling your storage area is a great ability!

  2. Marc says:

    Very interested on how can i get a quote for mezzanine with a office below and above for storage. Estimation Space available to build on 16′ x 15′. very similar to your picture with office space.

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