It may come as a bit of a surprise, but sells more than just “shelving!” In fact, there are a lot of people in the neighborhood that come in regularly to pick up one of our colorful Kids Lockers. They make fantastic gifts and are a great way to organize school items.

 You also probably know that we donate 10% of our profits every year to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit, a great group that spends every day helping those in need. We were surprised when they wanted to make a purchase of our Kids Lockers, since we normally donate to them! They were insistent, so we allowed the transaction to take place with one minor caveat: we would be donating the labor for assembly.


As you can imagine, these colorful metal lockers are a bit involved. It wouldn’t make sense for these modern-day monks to spend their time putting together storage when they are out there fighting the good fight!


So we got a few employees with locker building experience together to help assemble them. We wanted to make sure that their order would be available to pick-up before the weekend.


After attaching the sides to the back, affixing the top and bottom, then securing the door in place, the last step was to add the little coat hooks.


The actual size of the lockers are 54″h: great size for a kid, great arm-rest height for our builders.


We ended up building a green, two purple, a blue, and a pink locker. We hope the Capuchin Soup Kitchen is able to use them in their mission to help the needy. As always, we’ll be here, working on that bottom line so we can give a little bit more back to the community next year.

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