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The end of the year is coming, and for warehouse and facility managers that generally means one big thing: spending your remaining budget for the year. Whatever size your storage facility or whatever size your budget, now is the time to start buying extra supplies and equipment for your warehouse that you know you’ll need through the rest of the year, which is why we’ve rolled out our Budget Blowout sale.


A big part of our Budget Blowout is our clip steel shelving, a versatile and flexible shelving solution that offers durable storage in a convenient and lightweight package. If you’re considering spending part of your remaining budget on some of our sale shelving but you’re not sure what you might need it for, we’ve got some information here that should explain its uses and what it can do to help your facility:


Open Design: One of the biggest benefits of clip shelving is the fact it’s available in an open design. For certain storage needs, such as easy access to tools, small parts, or needed work supplies, the back- and side-less design of open steel shelving allows for easy access from all angles. This makes it ideal for crowded work spaces where people might have to reach their tools at…let’s say less conventional angles. (Not that we’re calling your workspace cluttered or anything.)


Sturdy Construction: Clip shelving offers stabilizing bracers on the back and sides of each shelf to help add stability and durability for higher-capacity storage. This allows for better storage of heavier supplies and tools like automotive parts, large hardware, or whatever else you need to store that you don’t exactly trust on weaker plastic shelves.


Easily Customized: Clip shelving is easy to assemble, which means it’s easy to make a custom unit to fit your needs. can work with you to meet your needs and identify what specific clip shelving units would best fit your facility and serve your storage demands, and assemble a custom-made unit just for you.


Safety: Clip shelving is also available in closed steel shelving where the sides and back are closed in by steel panels for extra stability and product protection. For more delicate items or anything that doesn’t need to come in contact with the floor (or your workers by accident), these side panels can help provide an extra level of security to help prevent accident, injury, or damage.


These are just a few of the benefits clip steel shelving can provide you if you’re considering getting some for your workplace. Check out our end-of-the year Budget Blowout sale and get some for your warehouse or office today!

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