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We’re back with another edition of Q&A by the Coffee Machine, where we’re taking a quick break to chat with different staff members here at Shelving, Inc.

Next up, Cristine Nettie!


Starting here in 2016, Cristine is our Director of Employee Engagement aka the gal that brings us all together. Her focus is to promote our company culture and keep people happy. From arranging holiday potlucks to orchestrating a Customer Service Week filled with activities and prizes, her creativity makes our time here even more enjoyable!

In her free time, Cristine acquired a unique hobby constructing fully-furnished dollhouses. She’s in the process of completing her first one with 8 rooms and working lights. Considering everything is in a 1:12 scale, the need for total concentration helps puts her in a zen mode.



Dollhouse inside


Rapid Fire:

    • Dawn or Dusk: Dusk
    • Favorite Season: Fall
    • Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate? Dark
    • Favorite line from a film? “You’re killin’ me, Smalls.”
    • If she could travel back in time, she’d go to: The 20’s, because it seemed like a fun time to be alive


Cristine also enjoys volunteering for Saving Tails Animal Rescue, helping out at their adoption events.

As for children? She likes to say her kids have paws, owning five rescued mutts. “As far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many dogs.”

A bit of a daredevil, one day she’d love to experience weightlessness on the G-FORCE ONE. Or maybe take the Edge of Space Flight, a jet ride that cruises at Supersonic Speed. While she thinks these would make for some amazing memories, her less dangerous and more likely dream is to someday open a dog rescue.


Stay tuned for more chats in the weeks to come!

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