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It’s time for the next edition of Q&A by the Coffee Machine, where we’re taking a quick break to chat with different staff members here at Shelving, Inc.

This week’s feature: Joanie Aiello!


Joanie jokes that she’s been working for this company since the day she was born, as her dad is our founder. In reality, she started helping out around age 5, putting address labels on catalogs he’d bring home.

These days her main role is working with accounts payable to collect open invoices from customers. Her mom was previously in this position and so she learned everything from her.

Joanie’s eye for design can also be seen throughout our building, and we really appreciate her having created a comfortable, homey space to work.


In her spare time, you might catch her snapping pics of Chevy, her Pitbull mix, to build up his paws-itively impressive Instagram presence (@chevonthegram). Or maybe playing a rousing game of tennis or golf.


Rapid Fire:

  • Dream destination: Italy or California
  • Drink of choice: Baileys and coffee
  • Sour Patch Kids or Swedish Fish: Swedish Fish
  • Climb a mountain or jump from a plane: Jump from a plane
  • Last Halloween costume: She’s not a Halloween person so probably a cheerleader when she was younger


She’s most proud of raising 3 compassionate and caring girls (one of which recently got engaged!) and is at her happiest spending time with family, especially during the summer at their cottage.

She also adores joining her husband, Jim, on cruises in their Chevelle and attending car shows. Jim actually works here as well, in charge of special projects and strategic initiatives. Fun fact: she told her best friend that she was going to marry him—even before they started dating. They’ve now been married for 28 years. Crazy!


One day (not anytime soon) she’s excited to have grandkids, keeping busy in their little lives as the fun, hip grandma. As for the company, she hopes it continues to grow so we can service even more customers.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more chats in the weeks to come!

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