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You know the drill. Here’s our latest edition of Q&A by the Coffee Machine, where we take a minute to chat with staff members at Shelving, Inc.

The victim: Mick Ison!


The other half of our dynamic-duo, Mick works with his wife, Sandy, on the resource team. His primary role is inside sales and support representative, meaning he can get you what you need, whether it’s a new shelving system or a concept drawing for your warehouse design.

If you need someone with infinite patience, you’ll want to deal with Mick. His ability to listen is what makes him a valuable asset to our company and your storage project.


Mick grew up in London….Ohio and attended Wittenberg University, as well as Wright State University. One of his proudest personal achievements is preventing his son, Cameron, from becoming one of the most reviled creatures imaginablea U of M fan.  


Rapid Fire:

  • Skill/ability you’d like to improve: Time management
  • Best piece of advice you’ve received: From Willy Wonka—“So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.”
  • Weird food combination you enjoy: You put a good size stack of Ritz crackers in a large cup, pour milk over them,  then crush them up and eat with a spoon
  • TV show character you’d want to change places with for a week: Woody in Cheers. Not a care in the world. Unplug my brain for a week.
  • If magic was real, the spell you’d try to learn first: Magic’s not real? No way


Outside of Shelving, Inc., he enjoys going to Ohio State football games, as well as Tigers and Reds baseball games. He also loves camping with the family, although he says he doesn’t do any one of these nearly enough.

Now, we have a shocking confession for you. Mick’s decided to come clean….about his Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu addiction. No shame in your streaming game.


Mick really doesn’t get the meaning of “going above and beyond” for customer service, because he thinks you should always do everything you can to help a customer.

Come back in a few weeks for another round!

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