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We’re back with another edition of Q&A by the Coffee Machine, where we’re taking a quick break to chat with different staff members here at Shelving, Inc.

This week, we’re featuring Sandy Ison!


With 20 years of dedicated service, we are proud to have Sandy manage our resource center. As an inside sales representative, she’s a pro at answering quote requests, processing orders and helping source stock when we run out. She loves being able to talk to people from all over the country, helping solve their storage problems.

And if she ever needs something from her husbandhe’s only a few feet away! That’s right, she works alongside her spouse, Mick, who’s the other half of our dynamic-resource-center-duo.


She proudly claims she’s the biggest fan of whatever sport her kids are currently playing. Outside of work, you can catch her at games (camera in hand) taking loads of pictures. She also enjoys playing with her Maltipoo, Lizzie, and cats Boo and Sully.


Rapid Fire:

  • Texting or talking: Talking
  • Best meal you’ve ever had: Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse in Chicago
  • Would you rather be able to speak every language in the world or be able to talk to animals? Talk to animals
  • Last movie you watched: Captain Marvel (she’s going tonight!)
  • Bagels or donuts: Bagels


If you surprised Sandy with a chartered plane to a private island, she’d only need three things to keep her happy: her husband, son, and daughter. Although, you could sweeten the deal with an HDTV tuned in to Detroit Tigers baseball.

Not many know she’s a certified scuba diver and swam with really big sharks on her very first open water dive. No, not on purpose.

Otherwise, Sandy dreams of one day retiring to beautiful, sunny South Carolina. You might find her there, sipping an iced tea on a screened in (highly-organized) sun-porch.


More Q&As in the weeks to come!

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