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Welcome to SHELFTOBER! To get into the Halloween spirit we’ll be devoting the first blog post of every week devoted to something a little out of the ordinary – and perhaps a little…scarier than the sort of stuff we generally provide. We’ll keep providing the same shelving and organization tips we’ve always provided on Friday, but for now, read on…IF YOU DARE!


It’s in movies, it’s on TV, it’s in books and comics and video games…seems like for the past decade or so, zombies have been an inescapable totem of pop culture in a lot of forms, and it’s something everyone has thought about once or twice.


Of course, “inescapable” is the key word here. What if there actually is a zombie apocalypse one day? What are we all going to do? Well, we here at The Shelving Store aren’t exactly experts on how to handle zombies, but we do like to think we know a thing or two about keeping your home organized – and what if these things can help each other? Are there ways to get your home organized that might be able to help you in the event of a zombie outbreak? We think so, and we’ve got some tips right here just in case those pesky Walkers show up:


Prepare an Emergency Kit: This is good advice even if you’re not expecting a zombie outbreak, but emergency kits will be especially helpful in times like this. Get some plastic storage bins and stock up on bottled water, canned goods, flashlights, batteries, maybe a utility knife, and anything else your family needs to survive. (Notice we said needs: your kids might have to live the Nintendo DS or the iPad behind if there’s no room.)


Organize your Pantries: If you wind up having to bunker down in your own home, you’re going to want to keep food close at hand to wait it out. Clean out your pantry by removing anything past the due date and get a kitchen pantry organizer to keep everything left organized, neat, and tidy – because when you’re trying to forage for food during a zombie outbreak, every second counts, and that’s time you don’t need to be wasting by digging through old boxes of macaroni and cheese!


Get Some Survival Clothes Together: Sadly, if the zombies come, it might not be the best time to start picking out your best formal wear. Put up some closet shelving to provide fast access to your most durable/weather-proof jackets, boots, and the like, and keep them close at hand to make a fast escape. (Don’t worry, you’ve seen how they dress on The Walking Dead, no-one is going to expect you to look A+ during a zombie outbreak.)


Pick Some Hiding Spaces: As silly as this sounds, there’s plenty of examples in movies or TV shows that show how hiding from zombies is a sound call in certain situations, and you might want to make a few in your house too. Clean out some laundry rooms or attic spaces to give yourself somewhere to run to if they make it inside – and try to make sure everyone has a space they can fit in!


Keep Your Tools Close At Hand: There’s a lot of different tools you might need during a zombie apocalypse for a number of reasons, but they’re not going to do you any good if you can’t reach them! Get some garage and basement storage or wire shelving to help organize things like chainsaws and hedge trimmers right where you need them…you know, just in case.


And if all that fails, we say run to the pub, grab a pint, and wait for the whole thing to blow over! Happy Halloween from The Shelving Store…and stay safe out there!

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