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Everyone who’s spent any time working in a factory or warehouse in any capacity knows that there’s just as much of a need for office work and administration as there is for the actual on-the-floor work. But too often, the offices of a shipping or storage facility are sequestered up high, or even in another building. Installing an in-plant office on the shop floor can provide several advantages and benefits that more removed office space cannot.


Easier Management of Operations

We’re not saying you need to keep an eye on your workers 24/7, but an in-plant office can give you a better idea of what’s going on around your team and what needs to be done to help keep your facility functioning properly. Keeping an office on the floor of your warehouse will let you stay better informed of things like dwindling product supply, bottlenecks in the shipping process, and more without the disconnect that can be caused by keeping your administration too far removed from your daily operations.

More Accessibility for Employees

No matter how smooth and seamless your warehouse’s operations may be, there will always be situations where the employees need to contact plant management. Maybe a crucial piece of equipment broke down that needs to have an outside expert for repairs, maybe there’s an issue with workflow that needs to be addressed, maybe someone just needs to talk to you about what they perceive to be a performance issue. Keeping a plant manager on the floor and available for such issues is key to helping things keep flowing and encourage employees to come to management directly with concerns.

Increased Storage for Records and Documents

We all know that plant management involves a ton of paperwork and record storage, and having an in-plant office will both increase the space you have for storing documents and allow easier access to them. If you have documents that need to be accessed frequently like inventory logs or ordering forms, storing them down on the floor will give you easier access to these important forms when you need them most.


If your plant has the room for it, installing an on-site office can bring you a lot of convenient bonuses to help your plant or warehouse keep up on paperwork and daily operations. If you’ve got questions about the in-plant offices we can offer, contact today.

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