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We all know the sort of benefits that a good workbench can provide – ample working space, plenty of tools and equipment, and you can even get workbenches in different configurations for different kinds of work like packaging goods or woodworking. But, just like any work area, workbenches can start to get cluttered with materials, equipment, and so on. Follow our handy advice to help in keeping your workbench organized to provide a cleaner – and safer – environment for you and your teammates!

Carefully Labeled Storage
Particularly with a workbench, where you need to make every inch count, proper storage counts for a lot. Consider getting some extra storage solutions like stacking bins or component drawers to keep everything labeled, organized, and arranged safely so it’s right where you need it and won’t take up precious working surface – or worse, fall to the floor and create a safety hazard.

Stak-N-Store AkroBins

Think Vertically
When you work with a workbench, there’s an angle to storage that not a lot of people consider – verticality! The design of most modern workbenches allows for a lot of upwards space that you can take advantage of. If your location allows for it, installing a pegboard on the wall behind your bench can allow for a lot more items to be stored like tools or lanterns. Anyone who works with smaller cables or alligator clips could string a piece of twine between posts on their workbench to hang cables from. Whatever your work requires, easier organization can sometimes be as simple as looking up.

Pro-Line ESD Laminate Workstation

Put All Your Tools Away At Once
This is a better tip for anyone that requires a lot of different equipment at your workbench. You’ll never know what projects will come up during the day, or what sort of tools you might need. Unless space is at an absolute premium, start getting in the habit of just putting everything away at the end of the day; it’ll help you keep everything in the same place, and will save you a lot of time as opposed to putting everything away bit by bit during the day.

Sure, different approaches may work better for different styles of work or different equipment needs, but we feel like these will work best for the majority of workbenches out there. And, as always, if you have any questions about what workbench would work best for your workspace or job needs, feel free to contact!

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