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Whether you’re growing for food, for fun, or for profit, having a well-organized greenhouse is critical to helping everything grow healthy and strong.

By using the right greenhouse shelving for the right plants, you can help keep everything right where it should be to help it grow better and avoid cluttering up your greenhouse. The unique growth needs of every plant require different storage and maintenance to make sure it grows the way you want it to, and knowing what shelves and tables you need in advance will help solve a lot of problems right away.

Here’s our selections for the five greenhouse shelves every greenhouse needs, and what they can do to help your plants:


Rust-proof wire shelves: Rust proof wire shelving is the backbone of any greenhouse, for reasons that should be apparent to anyone who’s spent a lot of time working with plants. The high concentrations of moisture and humidity that most plants need to thrive (particularly in colder environments where indoor growing is a necessity) means that most shelves in greenhouses will start to rust and corrode over time. Make sure your wire shelves can handle the weather, and give your plants a safer place to grow.


Drying racks: For certain plants, such as herbs, after harvest they need a place to dry out before they can be properly prepared, transported, and served. Plant drying racks are a common sight in greenhouses that need to let their plants dry up before handling, and can help save you a lot of room on your work tables.


Germ-free shelving: Germ-free NSF shelving is a great way to help curb the spread of germs and pollen throughout your greenhouse to prevent any accidental cross-contamination and/or diseases from affecting your plants. While you’ll still need to keep an eye on them to check for things like molds or wilting, using the right clean shelves will go a long way towards keeping them safe.


Restaurant shelving: Similarly, if your greenhouse deals in anything being sold to customers like vegetables or herbs, you’ll want to use restaurant shelving to make sure your plants are being stored safely. In many cases, greenhouses are subject to the same storage requirements as supermarkets and restaurants, and using the same shelves will help keep you up to code—and keep your customers safe.


Hydro racks: Hydroponic growing is a common sight in many greenhouses these days thanks to its convenience and efficiency, but due to the amount of moisture involved, traditional racks tend to not be the best solution for these issues. Hydro tables can help you maximize your growing room and allow you to better control the ebb and flow of water during the growth process, all without incurring rust or ruining the integrity of the shelves themselves.


If you need these or any other greenhouse shelving solutions, request a quote and let us help you find the perfect storage for your plants!

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