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Our favorite Metro Detroit beer distributor, Eastown, came to us last month with a major issue in their warehouse: Regulations stated that they were no longer allowed to stack pallets higher than 2 at a time. Due to this change, large amounts of vertical space in their 120,000 square foot warehouse was not being utilized. Because beer manufacturers have focused on saving on waste, packaging has become thinner and in turn, more fragile.

We developed a custom high density structural steel push back rack system which allowed for pallets to be stored safely and securely at a higher height. A gravity roller conveyor with the first-in, last-out picking system ensures fresh product will always be distributed to Metro Detroit, while drive-in tunnels for forklifts increase efficiency and save space. Now, more beer can be stored in their warehouse and still be accessed safely.  Take a look at how it turned out.

Structural Steel Push Back RackStructural Steel Push Back Rack

Structural Steel Push Back Rack Structural Steel Push Back Rack

Our main focus at Shelving Inc. is to exceed expectations and offer storage solutions that will truly Rack Your World! If you have a project, no matter how large or small, that requires special attention, custom materials or our industry expertise, look no further than our fantastic team. Our Request A Quote page is an easy way to reach us with any questions.

One Response to “Eastown Distributors Custom Racking Installation”

  1. Alfonso Chavez says:

    Please contact me regarding a facility retro-fit project we are currently underway with. It presents opportunities for rack reconfiguration. It is taking our existing racking system and optimizing the layout based on our new facility design.

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