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We love our customers, and more importantly, we love making our customers happy!

We don’t just sell industrial shelving, we’re also experts in installation and efficient use of space. We can take the existing systems and set them up in a new facility, eliminating the cost of investing in new equipment.

We recently visited Ritter Technologies in Warren, MI. Last month, we moved and installed carousels that hold 25,000 SKUs of hoses and fittings.

Take a look at what their president, Jeff Gudritz, had to say about his experience with us!

“Hi, my name is Jeff Gudritz, I’m President of Ritter Technologies here in Warren, Michigan. Our main business is hoses and fittings.

Well, the carousels hold about 25,000 SKUs for us. It’s almost impossible for us to run our normal business without these carousels up and running.

It’s physically large, they’re 50 ft long, 6 ft wide, we have four of them. So we’ve got to basically take all the electronics off, tear them down, transport them, then put them back up again, then of course, rewire with computer controls, and there’s quite a bit involved with that.

Absolutely incredible and easy people to deal with, Shelving Incorporated has been an asset for us to move the carousels. It’s obviously a much more involved process. The owner, Mike, came out to visit us personally, and just made me feel comfortable that I knew that they could do the job, and do it well.

I would absolutely recommend Shelving Inc. to other companies.”

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