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Sometimes it can feel like there’s too many options when it comes to inventory management.

Every method, every software, every counting style brings its own advantages and disadvantages, not to mention the changes they can generate in your warehouse itself. While you might already have a method that works for you, or maybe you’re considering finding a new one to help keep your warehouse even better organized, real-time inventory tracking is an increasingly popular option for warehouses of any size that need fast and accurate displays of inventory in order to better keep on top of sales trends and inventory needs.

By using software that implements real-time inventory management, you can get updates on changes in your inventory as they happen without having to rely on pre-scheduled inventory counts to ensure everything is up to date. This can reduce the time you spend tracking items and, perhaps most important of all, prevent your customers from getting “out of stock” errors when they try to make a purchase.

Still not convinced? Here’s a few of the advantages that real-time tracking can bring to your warehouse:


Reduction in overall stocking levels

It might sound counter-intuitive, but real-time inventory management can help you maintain more actionable stock levels without the overages or excess inventory you can encounter using more traditional methods. Real-time inventory management can give you a better idea of your current stock and prevent you from over-ordering items that don’t move as quickly, or keep you focused on stocking the items that always sell; all the better to prevent deadstock and slow SKUs from piling up and creating further chaos in your warehouse.


Improvement in just-in-time ordering

Thanks to the timely demands of ecommerce, a lot of warehouses rely on just-in-time ordering to help restock items that may be running low (or are sold out) to keep up with customer requests. By utilizing real-time inventory tracking, you can get a better idea when these orders need to be placed and help keep your inventory at ideal operating levels to meet customer demand as quickly as possible.


Reduction in used space and better item organization

Similar to the first point, by using real-time inventory tracking, you can cut down on the amount of used space in your warehouse shelving and get everything organized and easier to get to. The overall reduction in unused inventory will help you better prioritize what items are stored on your wire shelving and pallet racks, and where.


Increase in order accuracy

Not only does real-time inventory handling give you a better idea of what inventory you have currently in stock, it will help you get products to your customers more quickly and with fewer errors. The increased awareness of on-hand inventory will help you prevent order faux pas by reducing the chance of mistaken shipments and giving your customers a better idea of what’s in stock and currently available. Imagine not having to deal with nearly as many return requests and emails about incorrect shipments—sounds like a dream, right?


Has real-time inventory management been able to help your warehouse? Leave a comment below.

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