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No child WANTS to return to school. Try to remember way back when you were a child preparing to wave goodbye to summer fun and wave hello to homework. It’s not something that was always easy to get excited for. Now try to recall going back-to-school shopping with your parents or siblings. Did your opinion of school change after getting all of your back-to-school supplies? Of course! Naturally, when a child is offered new markers or pens, a new pencil case or binder, maybe even a nifty new calculator with all the bells and whistles, it makes the idea of school seem fun and inviting again.


We, here at, don’t sell binders. We don’t sell notebooks or packets of loose-leaf paper. Our devotion over the past 53 years has never deviated: We sell quality shelves at a quality price. So where does fit into your back-to-school plans this year? Why, lockers of course! We’ve worked hard to present you with 3 great reasons why our full line of Children’s Lockers will re-inspire your children’s love for school!

#3 Lockers Give Your Children Their Very Own Space

Children will thrive when given the right tools. This year, give them someplace to hang their hat after a long day of school. Imagine, as a child, being given your own locker as a personal space. It’s awesome! Especially for those of you that have multiple children getting ready for another long school year, give them each their very own locker space and help them develop a sense of individuality and responsibility. Not only does a locker give your child the sense that they don’t have to share EVERYTHING now that they have their own space, but lockers are also a great way to encourage organization and tidiness. Teach your children the value of cleaning up after themselves and putting things back where they belong. Your rec room or play room will thank you later!

#2 Lockers Give Your Child a Place to Put Their Things

Lockers make clean-up a breeze. It’s what they are designed to do. Easily accessed, able to be stored indoors or out, and incredibly durable, our Children’s Lockers are designed to stand up to the daily use-and-abuse that only children can dish out. Shelves or cubbies can help store all of your children’s school supplies, but often times the clutter is still visible on the shelves. Lockers give your children a personal space to put their things, and help ensure that daily clutter gets stored out of eyesight. Teach your kids some responsibility by trusting them with a locker of their very own, and watch as they begin to put things away without being told. Give them a special place to put all of their cool new school supplies with our awesome line of Children’s Lockers!group-kid-teen-flat-small

#1 Our Lockers Come in a Variety of Awesome Colors to Choose From

Make this school year special with a big surprise… a personalized locker in your child’s favorite color! SI offers tons of colors to choose from, as well as different designs. Guaranteed to be your child’s favorite back-to-school supply this year, our lockers are designed to be almost identical to lockers used in schools across the nation. Your child is guaranteed to love a locker in their favorite color with their favorite number on it!

As much as we, as parents, can’t WAIT for our kids to go back to school this fall, lockers can help get your kids excited to go back to school, as well! Don’t wait until it’s too late, stop by and order your lockers today! Your kids will thank you later!


Jackson shows off his AWESOME new locker. 🙂


Evie LOVES her new pink locker. Thank Mom!




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