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When you hear the word “locker,” you probably think of those metal ones you use at the gym or where you used to hang your coat and put your books in back in high school. But there are several different types of lockers out there and some types are better in some situations than others. If you’re not sure which types of lockers would work well for you, here’s a guide to point you in the right direction:

Open Lockers

Open lockers are great for children and for places where things need to be accessed at a moment’s notice, like police stations, hospitals, and emergency response centers.

Organge open locker

Plastic Lockers

Since they won’t rust, plastic lockers are ideal for areas like gym locker rooms where they will be exposed to lots of humidity and moisture. They’re also an excellent option if the lockers need to be stored outdoors or are at a risk of being exposed to chemicals.

Taupe and blue plastic lockers

Clear Front Lockers

If security is something you need to be concerned about, clear front lockers are what you need. Even with the doors closed, you will have a clear view of what’s stored inside, making it much easier to inspect lockers and make sure nothing undesirable is being brought in or that nothing desirable is being taken out.

Single Tier, clear front locker

All Wood Lockers

If style is what you want, wood lockers are a more attractive alternative to traditional metal lockers.

Double tier wood lockers

Wire Storage Lockers

Wire lockers are truly built to last. These are exactly what you want if your lockers are going to get a lot of daily, heavy duty usage. They’ll be able to withstand wear and tear that ordinary metal lockers wouldn’t.

Double tier, wire mesh locker

Ventilated Lockers

If you’re looking for lockers for a gym or athletic locker room, you will definitely want some type of ventilated locker. Some types have more ventilation than others, but having air circulation is important to prevent bacterial growth.

Ventilated locker

How Many Tiers Do I Need?

The more tiers you have, the more lockers you have, but the smaller they will be. Single tier lockers are perfect if you want to give people the chance to store anything they’re likely to bring in with them: coat, hat, bag, purse, clothes, shoes, books, lunches, etc. But if you just want to give enough space for people to store a few things, like a couple of books or a change of clothes, 2 or more tiers could be just what you need. There are even six tier metal lockers for multiple storage spaces.

6 tier box locker


Lockers also don’t have to just be arranged horizontally or vertically. We have lockers arranged in a U-shape, which includes smaller lockers, and a coat rack so people will still have a place to hang their coats. After all, we are a Michigan based company so we know exactly how important it is to have a place to put coats in the cold winter months!

16 person metal locker with coat rod

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