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We all know employees need a few different spaces to get things done – break rooms, meeting rooms, and the like. You can’t just sit at your desk or stay on the shop floor all day without going a little stir crazy, and depending on what you need to get done you’ll be much better off not trying to stay in the work area all day.


But what about these other rooms and spaces your employees might need? There’s more to a workspace than just the breakroom and the work area, and if you have the room and you want to provide your employees with some extra spaces, here’s a few ideas to get started with:


Locker Room/Entryway

Particularly this time of year, your employees will have a lot of things to bring in with them like coats and scarves that will take up a lot of space in their work areas. If you have a disused storage area or some space near the door, get some storage lockers to provide your employees a place to keep their boots and jackets to free up room elsewhere. Trust us, you’ll notice the lack of clutter right away.


Shower Facility

While this one may require a pretty substantial overhaul of the plumbing in your building, showers have become much more popular in modern offices and warehouses. Providing a shower gives your workers a place to physically refresh themselves after a long day at work and would do a lot for morale and well-being among your employees…particularly for an environment where the smells tend to linger with you, like foodservice or a factory.


Daycare Center

Not every business would be a safe place to keep children around, but an increasingly common sight among things like medical offices, educational centers, and the like is the daycare center. A perfect solution for any employee with children that has a hard time finding childcare facilities, opening a daycare center in your workplace and staffing it with qualified childcare specialists will help increase your employees’ productivity and reduce the stress they feel about trying to find a sitter whenever they go to work. Grab some plastic storage bins full of toys and games, and you’re all set.


Gym/Fitness Center

Last but certainly not least, an ever-growing number of offices and facilities have started including a dedicated room for exercise and physical activity. Let’s face it, most of your workers don’t get a chance to get out and stretch that often during the day, and studies have shown that exercising during the workday helps to increase productivity and reduce a large number of health risks. Convert a room into a fitness center with some equipment like free weights and treadmills, and your employees will love the chance to get out and stretch.


Got an idea for a new room in your office but you’re not sure what kind of storage facilities you might need? Contact today!

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