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If there’s one workspace that always seems to need a little more room for storage, it’s an auto garage.

Whether your garage is used for long-term car storage, temporary rentals for auto enthusiasts, or even for repairs, you can start to feel like you’re running out of space after too long. There’s a lot of parts, tools, and needed equipment that goes into maintaining or repairing a car, and they all seem to take up a ton of space.

We’ve got a solution that’s been growing in popularity among garages lately – a mezzanine!


Garage & Auto Shop Mezzanine Ideas


Mezzanine kits have long been a popular site in warehouses and factories. The amount of additional floor space they can offer, as well as their ease of installation (depending on the height of the facility), have made them the easy choice for any warehouse that needs a little extra space.

That said, mezzanines aren’t just for warehouses anymore, and the auto industry is a prime example of that. Garages, repair shops, and storage facilities all through America have been realizing that the solution to their storage woes has been the installation of a mezzanine, so long as their garage ceilings are high enough.


Using a mezzanine in your garage can help solve storage problems, give you more space to work on smaller parts, help reduce clutter on the shop floor (where it may prove a safety hazard to workers or cars), or even just give you a place to relax!

A few of our favorite uses for mezzanines in garages include:


  • Large item storage: By combining mezzanines with the right sort of industrial shelving or high density shelving (weight-rated appropriately for your mezzanine, of course), you can use the space for storing larger items that might’ve been too hard to shelve elsewhere. Things like spare tires, mufflers, and larger engine parts can be easily stored on the mezzanine in order to reduce clutter and increase floor space down below.
  • Small parts storage: Conversely, if you need to access the larger items more often, mezzanines can be the perfect place to keep smaller parts that stand more risk of getting lost. Combine wire shelves with plastic storage bins to help condense all of your smaller parts – bolts, clamps, hoses – in a space where they’re much less likely to get lost among the shuffle.
  • Office space: No matter how much you enjoy working on cars, it’s fair to say that nobody really enjoys the paperwork that comes with it, right? While there’s not much we can do to make you want to fill out warranty claims and the like, using a mezzanine (with a little office furniture) can create a more comfortable space to do the less-interesting work that frees up some space in the repair bay.
  • A place to relax: This is one of the more fun uses of mezzanines we’ve seen lately. If your facility offers long-term car storage for the racers in your area, a mezzanine can actually be used as a space for drivers to relax when they’re not taking their vintage Subaru out on the road. We’ve seen garage owners set their mezzanines up with a couch, a fridge, and a TV to unwind a bit before they hit the track again – a fun option that doesn’t involve anyone having to put mufflers and tires away!

Whatever you choose to do with yours, we think a mezzanine is the perfect solution for whatever space issue your auto repair shop or garage is running into. Contact today to get started on figuring out the perfect mezzanine build for your facility!

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