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With more big box stores in the United States each year cranking out photographs and wall decor in mass, the independent artist is facing more challenges than ever. Competition floods the market as artists fight over the shrinking attention spans of audiences. This is especially true in the music industry, where new software allows practically anyone with a computer to create and distribute their own songs. Starving artists, the dreamers in our local community, need our help and support now more than ever.

Take, for example, our friend Nick, whose tireless efforts reward him with a life surrounded by that which he loves: music. Unfortunately, he is literally surrounded. Deciding to get organized, Nick enlisted our help to arrange his room so that he could focus on creating music instead of drowning in it.

Organized Chaos: the sign of genius

Nick needed something that would support a lot of weight and accommodate his specific dimensional needs. One unique thing that he did, something we thought was pretty ingenious, was to create his own cantilevered rack.

A delicate balanceOnly attached at two postsA clever place to run cords







By extending a wire shelf from the posts of an existing unit, our featured musician created additional shelf space that would host his laptop. As an independent artist, Nick relies on his home studio to create and master originals works. That means his equipment is his livelihood, and we’re honored that he trusted the quality of our Shelving Inc (SI) Brand Wire Shelving with his set up. Without community support, artists cannot succeed. Without shelf support, that laptop would come crashing down…

Shelving Inc., Supporting beats

…onto this.

We’re proud to keep that equipment safe with the guaranteed strength and durability of our wire racks.

The next time you see a poster for a local concert, take a second and think about all of the work that goes into that performance. Think about all of the people that have helped that show come to be, who believed in the dream that the entertainer wishes to share with the audience. Think about how you can help make a difference to a local artist, and how they might affect your life. And remember the “community” aspect of the art community.


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