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When it comes to specialized industries and delicate procedures, sometimes regular shelving just won’t cut it.

For any setting or work that needs safer equipment, protection from germs or infection, or safe storage for delicate and/or perishable goods, NSF shelving can be a vital solution to your storage needs. The germ-free design allows you to reduce the spread of illness and protect delicate supplies such as food or medicine from accidental infection, and the flexible configurations and sizes allow you to find a size and shape of shelving to meet any need.

While NSF shelving is usable in a number of settings, there’s a few places where it’s more commonly encountered and beneficial to the workplace, such as:


How it’s used: Maybe the most obvious choice, NSF medical shelving is crucial for preventing the spread of disease and germs throughout a hospital. The germ-free design allows for the storage of needed supplies without the risk of infections being spread and affecting other patients, many of whom are already facing illness.
Where to use it: Pharmaceutical storage; equipment closets and storage; disinfecting centers (to keep items germ-free after being cleaned); patient rooms


How it’s used: Pharmacies have a lot of different medications that need to be stored and organized, and as many medicines are incompatible with one another and/or need to be kept apart to reduce potential allergens and cross-contamination. NSF shelving provides a sterile environment to store medicine in, and NSF security shelves can help prevent theft and loss by providing a locked cabinet that prevents contamination the same way NSF shelves do.
Where to use it: Any pharmacy inside a drugstore or grocery store; medicinal storage for hospitals, urgent cares and doctor’s offices; residential medical storage in physical therapy, retirement communities, and long-term care centers


How it’s used: Food that needs to be kept for any amount of time has to be kept up to certain sanitation standards to prevent spoilage and keep your guests safe. NSF restaurant shelving is a common sight in restaurant and food storage settings to help prevent food from getting contaminated and keep it as fresh and edible as possible for as long as it can be safely stored.
Where to use it: Kitchens; deep freezers; bars and coffee houses; deli counters inside grocery stores; cafeterias inside office buildings


How it’s used: Even if there’s no food being stored, germ-free storage inside an office building can help prevent the spread of communicable disease. Common areas can use NSF shelving to prevent diseases from being shared around, and the secure storage it offers can keep expensive equipment and office supplies safe while preventing them from getting infected.
Where to use it: Break rooms; lunch rooms; storage for computer parts and office supplies; any common area where germs can spread throughout the office

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