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The garage is the primary zone to store the greatest variety of goods throughout the year. However, not all items are as easy to stack in place as the other. These clunky, awkward-fitting items can pose as a huge hassle when room is limited and the need to efficiently utilize space is pressing. We take a look at some of the most frequent faced by homeowners when it comes to organizing their goods in a fitting way.


Arranging Bikes

The way in which your home’s bicycles are stored can save you a great deal of time and frustration, especially if you ride them on a consistent basis. With bicycles, however, you need to be extra careful the way they’re handled and stored due because of the possible damages to their tires and other components. Optimize the storage of your bicycles by implementing sturdy bike hooks onto the most suitably located wall or ceiling space. If you’re unsure of how to do so, there’s dozens of online tutorials for mounting bicycles on hooks that can be learned in no time.


Making Space for the Lawn Mower

In addition to other yardwork goods – which are best stored atop wire shelving units – the lawnmower is one of the most difficult to store. During seasons of the year that the grass needs to be cut, it’s best to keep your lawn mower near the front of your garage so that it can be taken in and out without hassle. Reconfigure other, less-used items around it in order to promote optimal ease of access. However, when it comes to winter, find a spot for it near the back that can possibly be substituted with the lawn mower.


Grouping Toy & Sports Equipment

When it comes to toys and sports equipment, there’s nothing that piles up more. If not properly stored, you’ll face a recurring mess of tennis balls rolling in one direction, hockey sticks scattered around the house, and dozens of other miscellaneous goods popping up all over the place. The easiest answer to placing them all in one place is to add a large mesh basket to your garage.This way, everything sports and toy related can be knowingly found in one area of the house.


Where to Store the Ladder?

Being of significant weight and large in size, ladders can be quite a challenge to find a place to adequately store out of the way from everything else. One solution is to install rungs into a wallspace for the ladder to hang on, but that can occupy a hefty deal of precious room. A great way to avoid taking up too much storage space with your ladder while also allowing convenient access to it is to utilize the ceiling. This can be done by purchasing an overhead rack that can sustain the heavy weight of the ladder while also holding it securely in place – in sight but out of the way.

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