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An uncommonly discussed but always useful component of pallet racks is wire pallet rack decking. Similar to wire shelving, decking is essentially a cross-section of wiring that lays across the shelving and adds extra support to any rack it’s added to. Not many people are familiar with the advantages decking can provide, so we thought we would put together a quick guide to discuss their various features, uses, and advantages of wire decking.

Increases Stability and Safety

The increased surface area provided by wire decking allows you to both increase storage space and provide for a safer environment and storage method. Adding decking to your pallet racks will increase the stability of the pallets and equipment being stored on these racks, helping to reduce the risk of anything falling off the racks and injuring a nearby worker. Better yet, the gated design will help to increase the effectiveness of your facility’s sprinkler system in the event it’s needed.

Pallet Rack

Improve Inventory Visibility

One of the trickiest aspects of inventory control and management is being able to keep an eye on what items you have available. Thorough inventory scans aren’t always an option during day-to-day operations, and sometimes you just have to rely on what you can see to figure out what your inventory is looking like. The design of wire decking allows increased light and visibility through your pallet racks, giving your workers better access to and knowledge of whatever items are remaining on the racks.

More Flexible Storage

The added stability of wire decking gives you the ability to store a wider array of items than you could with many standard racks. Items of irregular size and shape like drums or cartons can be stored more safely on wire decking, and it also allows for the ability to store multiple sizes of pallet on the same shelf without worrying about instability or space concerns.

If you find yourself running into storage or space concerns with your pallet racks, wire decking might just be the solution you need.

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