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As the backbone of most warehouse storage tools, pallet racks can go through a lot during an average day.

Pickers coming to find individual items for customer orders, forklifts dropping off new pallets for storage on the upper shelves, the hustle and bustle of traffic throughout the warehouse. While each of them are natural aspects of daily warehouse operations, that amount of activity can greatly increase your risk of accidents or damage to the goods you store on there if you’re not careful.

Even the sturdiest of pallet racks need a little help sometimes when it comes to keeping the goods they store – and the racks themselves – safe and sound until it’s time for the items to get shipped. Here’s three of our favorite ways to help keep your pallet racks safe during even the busiest seasons for your warehouse:


Proper traffic management

The importance of traffic flow throughout a warehouse can’t be overstated, and for all the various benefits it brings, preventing damage to your fixtures is near the top of the list.

Pallet racks require a careful balance between easy access and careful management of traffic. The best place to start is by differentiating which pallet racks store which items, and how often they’re needed. Any racks that are being used for bulk storage, product overflow, or less commonly-picked goods can be widened for safe forklift usage, but pallet racks for more popular items that get picked more frequently need to be kept a little narrower to allow easier access by your individual picking staff, as heavy equipment won’t be needed as frequently for these items.


Safety guards

Pallet rack safety panels can serve a number of important purposes in a busy warehouse. By providing a safeguard between your products and the outside world, pallet rack safety panels can drastically reduce the amount of accidents and damage they can encounter during an average day.

Above and beyond that, however, they can actually make your pallet racks more organized. The usage of safety guards provides a natural stopping point for pallet size and item count, which means your pallet racks won’t run the risk of being over-filled to the point of items falling off or getting damaged by improper storage. This can help your workers keep a better eye on how much each shelf holds, and how to avoid damaging items during storage.


Post and rack protectors

No matter how well-made your pallet racks may be, the risk of accident is always there. Forklifts can bump into your racks, items can get dropped, traffic can get too congested, and we’ve all seen the sort of damage these accidents can cause on pallet racks.

By using pallet rack protectors around the base of each rack and each post, you can greatly reduce the risk of serious damage during one of these accidents. Especially in high-traffic areas, these can help mitigate the damage caused by collisions with the pallet rack and prevent both damage to the rack itself and the goods it needs to store.

With the help of these tips and add-ons, you can keep your pallet racks safe and productive for a much longer period of time than you may have been able to without it.

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