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Anyone who has experienced car troubles recently might be shocked to learn this, but it turns out the average car lifespan has been increasing in recent years, up to an average on-the-road age of 11.4 years! Part of this trend can be attributed to the increased demand for (and availability of!) replacement parts, as many drivers find it more convenient and economical to maintain a vehicle they already own as opposed to moving onto a new one.


This is, of course, great news for mechanics and part suppliers! Maintaining a good supply of replacement parts for a number of automotive makes and models is a surefire way to keep your business thriving and your customers happy, whether you operate a repair shop or a parts distribution center.


But how are you going to make room for all that inventory? We’re sure we don’t need to make you aware of how much space all those huge engine components are going to take up – but is the only solution to relocate, or build an expensive addition to your workplace?


The answer may be simpler than you think! Careful reorganization of your current space can do wonders for freeing up space for even the bigger items like tires and mufflers. If you have large quantities of smaller items that always seem to be in demand, like sparkplugs or air filters, installing some pallet tracks could be just what you need to help move large quantities of smaller items without undue strain on your warehouse employees.

Tire Storage Shelves

Or what about those bigger items like pistons or tires? Vertical storage could help you to make the most of your existing space, and you can even find specialized shelving types for certain car parts! You can find tire storage shelves perfectly designed to fit tires of any size or application to free up valuable floor space and prevent unsightly (and dangerous!) piles of tires around the shop. And for longer or heavier parts like crankshafts, you could look into heavy-duty rivet shelving to provide the space and durability you need!


No matter what sort of automotive parts you need to store, you can find an easy and affordable industrial shelving solution to meet your needs without extensive warehouse remodeling. And the sooner you can get your parts in stock, the sooner you can keep your customers rolling!

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