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Warehouses are environments with a lot of very distinct needs when it comes to storage and shelving. Shelving that might work perfectly well at home or in an office is very likely not nearly strong enough to handle storing exceptionally heavy tools or pallets full of merchandise. Shelving created with warehouses in mind is built to keep up with all of a warehouse’s heavy duty and high density storage needs.

Rivet Shelving

Rivet shelving comes in two styles: single rivet and double rivet. Which one would work best for you really boils down to how much weight you need to store per shelf. Double rivet shelving holds much more weight per shelf (between 1,300 and 1,500 pounds, depending on the size of the shelving unit) than single rivet shelving, which makes it more ideal for the heavy duty storage needs of a warehouse.

Rivet Shelving

Even though single rivet shelving only holds between 250 and 350 pounds per shelf, it still can have a place in a warehouse if you need to keep a lot of small parts or inventory organized. Since single rivet shelving units have slimmer shelves than double rivet shelves, you can potentially fit more shelves on each unit.

Cantilever Racks

Have a lot of items to store that are several feet long and just won’t fit on other types of shelves? You need cantilever rack shelving. Cantilever racks are perfect for storing things like long pieces of lumber, pipes, tubing, poles, or siding for houses that other types of shelving just aren’t meant to hold.

CantileverPallet Racks

Pallet racks are built for supporting heavy pallets full of merchandise or inventory that can quickly be loaded or unloaded by a forklift. They enable you to make good use of your vertical space, freeing up space on your warehouse floor, and let you create an efficient workflow where all of your inventory can be accessed quickly and easily.


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