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Depending on what your warehouse stores, if you stock a lot of larger items that need to be moved in large quantities, then you might find yourself using a lot of pallets! No matter how helpful a pallet full of merchandise can be, they have to be stored somewhere when they’re not in use, right? Luckily, there exists a wide selection of pallet storage options to meet the needs of any warehouse. Whether you’re new at storing pallets or looking for some tips to make the most of your storage space, here’s a few ideas to maximize storage and keep your employees and merchandise safe!


Know How Your Rack Will Be Used

Knowing the specifications of your storage racks is just as important with pallet storage as it is with other options, if not more so due to the increased weight and size of the items. If you’re ordering a new set of racks, make sure to look carefully into the size and weight restrictions to know what you can store safely. And if you inherited your racks from the previous warehouse manager, try to get as much information as possible about their manufacturer and weight limits – if you need a hand, our Pallet Rack Identification Guide can help!


Properly Install and Maintain Any Racks

A lot of people think that once you’ve got your rack set up, it’s set for life – but it’s not quite that simple. Bolts can come loose and shelves can wear out through simple everyday usage. Make sure all the fixtures and bolts are properly tightened and fastened to prevent breakage or injury, and if any of the shelves or racks start looking worn out or don’t affix to the racks properly anymore, it might be time for replacement.


Train Your Employees on Proper Use

It’s not enough for you to know how much weight your pallet racks can store or what kind of materials should be kept there – if your warehouse personnel are going to be the ones transporting and stocking the material, then you should take care to make sure your staff is trained and informed as to specifics such as how to evenly distribute loads across the shelves, what each shelf can (and should) hold in regards to weight and material type, and so on and so forth. Keeping your employees informed and trained as to proper pallet rack usage can do a lot to help maintain their stability and ensure a safe environment!


There’s a lot else that could go into it, such as seismic zone safety and so on, but these are a good basis for knowledgeable use of pallet racks and storage! Remember these, and your warehouse should stay neat and tidy, and your employees will stay safe!

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