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It doesn’t take a mad scientist to harness a massive force such as the Earth’s gravitational pull. In fact, that energy can be used for works of good (and is good for work)! We have recently witnessed how helpful this force of nature can be with our High Density Push-Back Racking.

Push back pallet racking is the high volume storage solution for businesses that are making that difficult but important transition to the second stage. Small businesses may have a stock room full of metal shelving, or even extensive pallet racking. However, once growth has exceeded current space, there are only a few options: seek new property or reorganize your current inventory. Luckily, Shelving Inc. has the answer for such a scenario.

Maize and Blue for Michigan Pallet Racking from Shelving Inc.

Not only will we buy your used pallet racking, but we will use it as a credit to offer you discounts on an improved storage system known as Push Back Pallet Racking. The push back racking is front loaded by a standard forklift that places each pallet on a platform that nests at the base of a guided track. Each track is slightly angled forward, so the power of Earth’s gravity causes the pallets on each platform to slowly roll toward the front of the bay. Platforms nest within one another so that they all sit neatly in the front of each track awaiting a pallet to push them back. Each platform is color coded to alert you when stock is low and facilitate the purchasing process. Depending on how much storage you need, you can have 2, 3, or even up to 6 pallets deep.

Our warehouse recently made the switch from pallet racks to high density push back racking. We are currently in that transitional period where our business is outgrowing our current space, but we can forestall endeavoring into the unstable property markets by upgrading our current shelving system. Take a look at how easy the components were delivered and what a dramatic difference it made in the end (stay tuned for the before and after shots).

This is the new warehouse look for Shelving Inc.

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