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As a small, family-owned business, we understand the importance of preparing our youth for the future, however it is not always easy financially to get there. This summer we announced our second annual Business Scholarship for college students interested in studying business, industrial design or a related field. Last year, we picked some great and deserving winners and were excited for this year’s applicants and to pick a winner for a prize of $1,500.

We asked two important questions to be answered:

  1. What inspired you to take a supply, retail, or business management-related course of study?
  2. What innovation in technology, manufacturing, or storage do you think will affect the retail and manufacturing industries most in the immediate future?

Our winner is Ashley Lee!

2016 business scholarship winner ashley lee

Ashley was inspired by her immigrant father who came to America alone as a teenager with no prior knowledge of English. He was able to find refuge in the restaurant industry and eventually was able to open his own. As a child, Ashley witnessed her father’s business grow with great success and then gradually fall, until he eventually had to close his restaurant. Ashley realized that if her father had not only the experience, but the education, he may have been able to survive the economic recession and remain in-business.

Ashley will attend The Parsons School of Design to pursue a degree in Strategic Design and Management. She wants to learn how to not only create a business, but also have it succeed. Her father taught her how to be financially responsible and work hard to achieve her goals, and we think the combination of both that and a degree in Business would lead to a great future for her.

We are very happy to award Ashley with this scholarship and are looking forward to seeing great things from her. We were very inspired by our other applicants as well, and can’t wait to receive more with our next scholarship!

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