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Celebrating 60 Years

As 2020 nears to a close, we can’t help but pause and reflect on the momentous milestone that was hit – Shelving Inc. has now been in business for 60 years. 

Our company has humble beginnings, starting in founder Jack Schodowski’s garage in 1960. At the time, he had three kids with a fourth on the way. People told him he was crazy to leave his comfortable sales position but after much discussion with his wife, Helen, and trusted family members, Jack decided to take the plunge. 


Helen and Jack Schodowski, joined by the city mayor, breaking ground on the Auburn Hills building.


There were very few shelving businesses around at this time. With a strong knowledge of shelving and its variety of uses, he set out to provide high-quality storage. 

The operation flourished from the start and continues to thrive under the guidance of a second generation of family leaders. The inclusive atmosphere and connected culture at Shelving Inc. remains a strong fabric of the company. We are so proud to operate according to a set of beliefs that have remained constant over the decades.  


Our values make us who we are. We believe in faith, fairness and open communication. We give back to the community, embrace change, and take responsibility for both successes and failures. That’s why six decades after being founded, Shelving Inc. still deeply believes in the importance of a strong and connected community.

We donate 10% of our profits to the Capuchin Ministries every year, contribute shelving to worthy causes and non-profit organizations, and have raised more than $2.3 million for the Capuchin Ministries at annual fundraising events. 


The 26th Annual Benefit on the Bay fundraising event.


Now in our 20th year under second-generation ownership, we continue to maintain the same spirit Jack had when it all began: work hard and build strong relationships to get the job done.


Continuing to Innovate

Our motto is “We rack your world.” At Shelving Inc., we not only believe in providing our clients with the finest quality storage products available, but also innovation. That means researching and investing in the next big thing to provide our customers with an elevated experience. 


We’ve recently expanded our capabilities to include a tool outfitting service, where clients can turn to us to order and maintain their stock of tools. This capability eliminates the need to go through multiple vendors for different tools to get the best price. We also offer Milwaukee Tools like shelving installation kits, toolboxes, hammers, drills, accessories, and more. 

Plus, we’ve developed a partnership with Metro Industrial to exclusively sell their wire shelving on With a rich history like ours, Metro Industrial has been producing strong, versatile, and durable wire storage solutions for over 50 years. We carry their products in a variety of sizes, durability and mobility. 


Our more than half a century of hands-on service experience, passion for knowledge, and a thirst for learning about new tools, techniques, products and industries, will continue to lead Shelving Inc. into the next 60 years of success.

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