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Spring cleaning is an annual tradition when the weather begins warming up and home owners eagerly open their windows and doors to let some fresh air in, but how do you get organized during spring cleaning and keep it that way all year?


Shelving, Inc. CEO Joe Schodowski was a featured guest on WXYZ in March where he shared some tips and best practices to help home owners eliminate the clutter and get organized as part of their spring cleaning efforts.


Joe showcased four types of storage solutions that individuals can use in their homes, including metal shelves, clear bins, colorful containers and kid lockers. He also discussed better ways to organize more effectively by starting with the backbone—shelving. Start with a sturdy shelving unit, and then move on to storage bins. Clear is optimal for great visibility into the contents of the bins. You can also maximize storage space by mounting storage bins to ceilings and above doors.


Click here to see Joe’s full interview with all if his great tips.

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