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We received a letter from a woman named Terry last month who was in need of donations for her non-profit Enchanted Makeovers. Inspired by her story and cause, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to donate shelving for her “Sacred Sewing Room” program.


Enchanted Makeovers started ten years ago after Terry received a call to volunteer at a homeless shelter and paint a wall. While there, she noticed how deteriorated the space was and felt inspired to help women and children trying to rebuild their lives in shelters. Enchanted Makeovers mission is to “create environments and educational programs at shelters for women and children that promote creativity, self expression and worth”.


Currently, Terry is in the process of renovating a home in Taylor, MI that will act as the official headquarters. In the meantime, she has set up Sacred Sewing Rooms in shelters for the past ten years and helped teach a trade to women in need. She also has started several programs nationwide like sewing blankets and dolls for children in shelters.


We are honored to help Terry carry her mission and look forward to seeing Enchanted Makeovers become bigger than ever!


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