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We’re back with another Q&A, showing you the many faces of our Shelving Inc. team. As a small, family-owned company, every single member is integral to our success. 

Today’s feature: John Quigley.  


John is one of the newest members of our sales team. Starting at Shelving Inc. in May, he has diligently worked to learn the ins-and-outs of the business and excel in the position.
Growing up in Rochester Hills, John went to Concordia University in Chicago to study sports management – interning with the Detroit Lions as a senior. While greatly enjoying this work, he made the move to sales due to the field’s oversaturation


He began his time at Shelving Inc. in the warehouse, receiving hands-on experience with our wide product range. His days are now spent prospecting new customers and shadowing appointments with other team members. 

John’s favorite aspect of this position? He’s given the opportunity to collaborate closely with other people, as opposed to being limited to solo computer work. 


Rapid Fire:

  • Dessert or a second entree: Second entree, as he’s not big on sweets 
  • Movie everyone needs to watch: The Departed
  • If he could time travel, he’d go to: The future to take a peek at the sports almanac 
  • Dream destination: Italy, because he is half Italian!
  • Little known fact: He was born without a sense of smell


Outside of work, John loves watching sports and playing golf in the summer. He’s also a huge standup comedy fan – his most memorable live show being the legendary Jerry Seinfeld. 

Looking ahead, he aspires to maximize the territory that he’s taking over – helping companies find the best storage solutions for their space.


That’s all for now! Stay tuned for the next Q&A in the coming weeks. 

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