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It’s that time! We’re back with another Q&A by the Coffee Machine, where you can find out more about the team here at Shelving, Inc.

Our next feature: Matt Travis!


Matt’s been with us since 2011. As our Inventory Manager, he’s in charge of making sure the items you order are on hand and ready to be shipped out quickly. A large part of the job uses logistics and data analysis to guarantee a smooth business-to-customer transaction—and he’s darn good at it!


When he’s not at work, Matt loves to go on adventures with his two kids, Mason and Rylei. One of their favorites? Creating different obstacle courses on playgrounds. Count us in.

Starting as a father-son activity when he was 10, Matt’s been involved in Tang Soo Do, a karate-based martial art. And his dedication shows, as he’s since earned a black belt!


Rapid Fire:

  • Movie you could watch over and over without getting sick of: Armageddon
  • Invisibility or super strength: Super strength
  • Favorite carnival food? Popcorn
  • Mythical creature you wish actually existed: Unicorn (his daughter’s favorite)
  • Artist/band you’ll always recommend: Tool


In his spare time, you can find Matt shooting hoops out on the court or playing video games.

He’s also into hiking/backpacking and recently went on a multi-night backpacking trip to Isle Royale with his whole family. Fishing, exploring and just relaxing, they had a great time soaking in the scenery.


Stay tuned for more Q&As to come!

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