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Shelving Inc. recently completed two shelving donations to the Capuchin Ministries, a local nonprofit close to our heart. As they continue to grow, we were happy to help provide storage that supported their changing needs. 

First, we supplied the Capuchin Archivists shelving for their archival vault. This area stores paper-based archival records, files, photographs, and books – totaling around 2,000 boxes! 


Running out of room, they recently expanded their current vault and needed shelving to fill in the space. 

“We were at the point where I had boxes on the floor, so we were so grateful to hear the news of Shelving Inc.’s donation,” said Provincial Archivist Junia Yasenov. 


We went with a special size of clipper shelving – 42” wide by 15” deep – to accommodate the size of their boxes. These units also used round box posts in the front, so 100% of the shelf is accessible and no items would get caught when moved. 



“Now I’m able to organize things better because I’ve numbered each shelf and know exactly where each box sits,” said Junia. 

We’re glad to have supplied the shelving necessary to continue storing their valuable material in the proper way. 



We also donated products to the Capuchin Retreat Center. As the building is over 50 years old, they have been gradually renovating and reorganizing to make more space.

First, we gave them multiple wire shelving units for their kitchen area. We included casters to make the units movable, as well as enclosures to allow items to stay concealed and look neat. We made sure to measure each area, making the units utilize every inch of space. 




They recently removed a confessional that opened up valuable storage space. To fill this area, we gave them shelving to hold audio equipment for their chapel. 



A pallet truck was also donated to help easily move heavy items, like rock salt in the winter months.



“This all made us wonder why we didn’t make these additions long ago,” said Stephen Endres, a member of their maintenance staff. 

As Shelving Inc. heads into our 60th year of business, our dedication to giving back to this community has endured. We value the work this nonprofit does and look forward to continuing our support. 

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