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Many people have wondered why we sell another brand of shelving that is a bit more expensive. You may think that  because it is more expensive, it has to be higher quality, but SI shelving and Metro shelving is of the same high quality steel. Below are some of the key differences between Metro shelving and our own SI shelving to help you make a decision on which shelving will best suit your needs.

Metro Shelving

  • Easy to adjust shelves
  • Labeled posts for easy assembly
  • A bit more expensive
  • Wider variety in black and white shelving
  • 600 lbs per shelf (evenly distributed)


SI Shelving

  • Adjustable shelves (not as easy as Metro)
  • Wider variety of sizes for chrome finished
  • More affordable
  • Made from same material with same welding as Metro
  • 800 lbs per shelf (evenly distributed)



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