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Our small company was founded in 1960 by Jack Schodowski. He combined his love of industrial engineering and sales to start the business with his wife, Helen. 59 years later, we’re still family-owned and remain loyal to our humble Detroit roots.  

Relatives or not, some of our dedicated staff have been with us for a decade or more. In honor is Small Business Saturday, some of them took a look back and shared a memorable moment during their time here. 

Ronna Anspach | 17 years

When Ronna first started at Shelving, Inc. we only had one computer that everyone shared. Located in the kitchen, employees created a schedule for when each person could use it. As Ronna worked with contractors on jobs, she needed a computer the most and so eventually got one of her own. “It really shows how things have progressed here,” she said.

The (coveted) new computer.

Jim Aiello | Full-time for 30 years

Jim is our vice president of strategic projects and initiatives. In the early 1990s, he remembers working on an exhausting job at the United States Bankruptcy Court. A large shelving installation for just four people, they ended up working at night and through the weekend.

Jim snuck in a little rest when he could.

Mike Schodowski | 32 years 

Mike, one of our owners, recalls how our website was born in 1996. A customer Shelving, Inc. worked with closely had a wife who created websites and asked our owners if they wanted one for our company. Their response: “What’s a website?” After they decided on the name, the woman ran our site, collecting order inquiries that she’d drop off every Friday. After about a year, our employees got more tech savvy and eventually took things over. How times have changed!

Joanie Aiello | On and off since 1985

Our lockers don’t just hold shelves! Joanie, one of our founders daughters, works with accounts payable. She looks back fondly on all of the company’s holiday parties, but one year in particular stands out. In the midst of the fun, her daughters and nieces went to explore the warehouse and found a set of lockers. Naturally, it was a great photo opportunity!

Sandy Ison | 20 years

As one of our devoted inside sales representatives, Sandy has worked with countless customers to find the perfect products for the job. An especially memorable one? Selling wire shelving for the television show House. “It was my first ‘almost brush with fame,'” she said.

John Schodowski| 35 years

Our vice president of operations recalls the groundbreaking of our Auburn Hills location, which was our home for around 41 years. Joined by family and employees, it was an exciting day for all. Even the mayor of Auburn Hills showed up to commemorate the important occasion.

From the bottom of our heart, we thank you for shopping small and supporting our company. To this day, our founder maintains that he didn’t start this business to make money, but rather with the goal to help people. We look forward to continually solving customer’s problems, providing storage solutions that best fit every need.

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