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These days, a big focus in the world of work and industry is taking care of your workforce. Thanks to the sprawling campuses of companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon, there’s a bigger spotlight than ever before on things like employee amenities, perks, and facilities than ever before.


Sure, you’re probably not as big as those companies, and you probably don’t have the room or capability to provide the same sort of employee luxuries for your workers. That said, even for smaller businesses there are a few little touches you can give your staff that will help make their workday go more smoothly and improve productivity and worker camaraderie:


Break Rooms: This one probably sounds a little obvious, but providing a good break room for your warehouse staff is more than just setting up some chairs and a coffee machine. The ideal break room, even in more modest workplaces, should provide your employees with a place to recharge, unwind, and connect. Try to include a couch, a few different chairs, and maybe a TV stand with a television and a choice of different channels to help your workers decompress better. (Just…don’t let it become a big distraction.)


Employee Facilities: Above and beyond the normal restrooms, providing a dedicated space to serve as a “locker room” of sorts can go a long way to helping your workers feel more at home during the workday. Get some industrial lockers to give your employees a place to store their coats and personal effects during the workday, provide some wire shelving to help keep smaller items organized, and if you have the space and ability a shower room would also be a welcome sight after a long workday, particularly for warehouses that deal in materials that tend to make…more of a mess.


Gym/Recreation Room: Like the shower room mentioned above, not every workplace will have the space for this, but adding a gym or fitness center to your building will have benefits above healthier employees (as good for everyone as that will be). Adding a gymnasium has actually been shown to decrease absenteeism, lower turnover rates, and reduce usage of sick leave, all of which will save you money and improve your bottom line. And sometimes after a long day of work, a good workout is just what you all need to blow off steam.


Child Care: One of the biggest problems for single parents entering the workforce, particularly women, is the availability of child care. Too many times, a parent will be unable to find work or devote themselves to a full-time job due to the need to supervise their young child. Adding a child care center might be a bit of an upfront cost, but you’ll quickly find yourself being able to choose from a bigger, more motivated, and potentially more talented/experienced labor pool due to the influx of workers who can devote themselves more fully to their jobs now.


You don’t have to start knocking down walls and adding each one of these rooms, but they’ll all certainly help with both your employees’ motivation and your bottom line.

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