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Running a restaurant is no walk in the park. Beyond getting the funding to open one, it takes a complex amount of work to successfully sustain a newly opened restaurant. One of the many factors that contribute to a winning diner is using the right hardware to organize the breads, condiments, foods, and silverware so that the business runs fast and efficiently. At, we offer the industry’s finest shelving units catered to your restaurant’s success.


Aluminum Shelving Units

The sturdy structure and wide shelving surface area of aluminum shelving makes it the optimal storage unit to host a variety of goods. Though there are various models that come in unique sizes and number of shelves, each of Shelving’s aluminum units are similar in that they’re rust-proof and adaptable to whatever climate they’re placed in. So, despite if you’re a local diner or even a large restaurant chain, aluminum shelving can easily find a home – whether that be the backroom or an industrial freezer – and  streamline your organization.


Slanted Wire Shelving

Slanted Chrome Wire Shelves With Bread For Restaurant Or Bakery

Although easy-to-find categorization is key, so is putting your delicious foods on display. Strategically position a slant shelving kit behind the counter to display ready-made delicacies such as freshly-cooked pastries, donuts, or bagels for your customers to water their mouths over. Conversely, another option is to use them as an observable site to place incoming shipments of important mail packages or other essential items. Bottom line, slanted wire shelving unit will artfully showcase exactly what you want it to – which can be very effective in all kinds of industries.


Aluminum Wall Shelves

Aluminum Wall Shelf For Restaurant

The home isn’t the only area floor space is quickly eaten up. When demand is unpredictable and there’s extra food and ingredients leftover, your restaurant may need to utilize the surrounding wall space. Aluminum wall shelves are the ideal option for this. They’re great for freeing up space for condiments, coffee, napkins, and providing easy-to-reach access to them.



6 Tier Locker

Adding a large locker with multiple cubbies for employees to place important items like phone, keys and a change of clothes is huge. Make sure to find one with built-in locks such as the six tier box locker for optimal storage; also, choose a color that matches the color scheme of your restaurant’s interior design.

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