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Many have dreamed of life in the big city, but few consider the consequence of privacy. In a town with more people, there is often less space for each person, meaning cramped living. We in the suburban lifestyle take for granted simple things like an attic, a garage, or even a backyard. While we are easily able to transform our spaces for work or play, it isn’t as easy for those in NYC. That is, unless you get creative.

One of our favorite customers, Chris M., decided to get creative. He wanted to pursue his passion for music while living in New York, but couldn’t afford to rent studio space. Instead, Chris decided to take his apartment and turn it into a recording haven. But there was a problem: how to free up enough space to practice and still keep his equipment organized. Luckily, he found a simple solution at

Racks, stands, and shelving for Home recording studio

Chris decided to take all of his equipment and cases (that were previously being used as furniture) and open up some floor space with wire shelving. That way, band mates could come over and have a jam session, freeing up creativity that would otherwise be hampered by bulky amplifiers and microphone kits. Chris says: “This photo demonstrates how wire shelving, by lifting gear off the floor, maximizes floor-space and permits my band, Now What, to record and rehearse in my NYC apartment.” We’ll let him take it from here:

Amps, Mics, and Gear boxes on a wire shelf

“Wire shelving stores this heavy equipment well because each shelf is very strong.  The shelves also help minimize the amount of sound that travels through the floor by lifting the amps, located mostly on the bottom shelf, off the floor.  The gear boxes on the middle shelf contain various cables.  The top shelf holds vocal monitors.  The top shelf also raises the microphones to a convenient singing height while minimizing the floorspace that microphone stands otherwise typically use.  The casters allow us to turn the unit easily to access cables in the back.  The wheels also help us transport gear to gigs.  We used the “Amp” wire shelving unit to roll our gear to our July 4th roof concert (Check out this rocking 47 second clip -in HD and regular definition). The clip shows us playing while thousands of people gather on surrounding rooftops and in the streets to watch the fireworks over the Hudson River.

Note the open front supported by three sides of hanger rails.

“Because wire shelving is strong, modular, and adaptable, you can place the lowest shelf high off the ground, allowing you to store items that you want to slide underneath.  This is possible because hanger rails on three sides (left, rear, & right) of the bottom space stabilize the rest of the wire shelving.  My band stores our electronic drum kit in that space because, although we use the drums regularly, the kit is bulky and must rest on several layers of vibration-dampening foam.  The bottom space allows the kit to slide easily in or out of storage depending on the band’s need.  Smaller, lighter and more portable instruments, including guitars and basses, rest in their cases on a shelf above the drums.  This configuration allows my bandmates to grab one easily and at a moment’s notice.”

We’re happy to help Chris build on his this loft-industrial look for his home recording studio in NYC. If you want to re-purpose space in your home, think about what you could do with metro style shelving from

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