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Whatever your store sells, whatever aspect of retail you specialize in, there’s one thing that remains true for every retail location everywhere: the need to make great, attention-grabbing window displays!


Of course, you can’t just throw some things in a window and call it done! There’s an art to setting up a window display to draw in customers and show off what you’ve got to offer. Here’s a couple tips we’ve found are always helpful in setting up retail displays:


Plan Early, Plan Thoroughly:

Like any good retail display or advertising design, window displays need a strong plan to have the best impact. Take some time (up to a month, if you’re feeling really adventurous) and figure out what you need your display to accomplish. What message do you want your window display to get across? Are you announcing a sale, or just a set of products? Is your display tied into an upcoming holiday or the current season, or is it more evergreen?


Stay Focused

Whatever your store sells, it’s important to create a focal point of your display. Ask yourself – where do you want the customer’s eye to go first? When planning your layout, grab a small storage solution like some wire shelving or metal shelving and arrange your display in such a way that the most important or relevant products are highlighted first.


Stay On-Brand

Make sure to set up your display in such a way that it still reflects the colors, images, and mood of your company. If your store mostly deals in cozy home decor, use softer colors and more ‘inviting’ products to get your idea across. If you run something a little more ‘fun’ like a toy and collectable store, brighter colors and busier displays will suit you just fine. Whatever you do, just make sure it reflects the sort of experience your customers will have inside your store.


…And Stick With It

Of course, it goes both ways – if your window display carries a certain theme, you want your store to maintain continuity. Repeat similar colors, re-use signage, and display items in a similar fashion throughout the store in order to establish a strong visual identity. Who knows, if you make a good enough window display maybe you’ll be inspired to make your whole store match it!


Finally, Remember To Have Fun

Even though owning your own business can be work sometimes, you need to remember to lighten up and have fun sometimes, and this goes double for product displays! No window display lasts forever, so just remember to have fun, get creative with it, and if you don’t like it – tear it down and start over!

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