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Out of all the different types of industrial storage in the world today, one of the most commonly misunderstood ones is NSF shelving.


Far from being a specific type of shelving or storage, the term “NSF shelving” refers to any type of shelf, locker, or other storage type that has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, a foundation created for the goal of testing and certifying products for germ resistance, rustproofing, and more. Based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, the NSF tests thousands of products across a wide range of needs and requirements to ensure safety from germs, rust, and more.


Due to the varied nature of products that can be certified by the NSF, they also face a varied number of uses and implementations. If you’re curious to see how NSF shelving can help your workplace, read on:


Safe food storage. One of the most common uses for NSF-certified storage is in restaurant shelving. The germ-resistant design of many metal shelves make them a perfect candidate for storage of food products and perishables to help mitigate the risk of contamination or spoilage.


Walk-in cooler shelving. For any business that requires cold storage, such as food preparation and medical products, proper storage procedures require a shelf that can resist rust and damage. Walk in cooler shelves that have been approved by the NSF can help to reduce the risk of rust and meet designated safety standards quickly and economically.


Baked goods. More specifically along the lines of food storage, a common use for NSF shelving is the storage and display of baked goods. Slanted wire shelving is a great way to store freshly baked breads and pastries while keeping them on display to customers and giving them a chance to safely cool off.


Plant/greenhouse shelving. The rust-proof design of most NSF shelving allows you to store plants in a dispensary or greenhouse and keep them safe from rust contamination due to the constant watering. The open design of NSF wire shelving also allows sunlight to reach your plants better to keep them healthy and growing.


Medical storage. Medical storage also requires a high degree of defense against germs and contamination to keep tools, medication, and daily supplies safe, as well as the patients they’ll be used on. NSF shelving such as MetroMax antimicrobial shelving is a common sight in many hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies to keep everything clean and sterile when they’re needed most.


Heavier storage. A common misconception for NSF shelving is the idea that they can only be used for smaller, less bulky products. Most NSF aluminium shelves can support up to 2,000 pounds per tier, making them ideal for any bulk storage that needs to be kept safely for the long-term before it needs to be used.

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