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You feel like your distribution center is in a pretty good place. You’ve got plenty of new warehouse shelving, you’ve got a good relationship with your supply chain, and you’ve gotten your processes pretty well worked out.

Now what?

There’s always steps that can be taken to improve and review warehouse practices, even if you’ve spent a ton of time overhauling the big stuff. If you want a few ways to further fine-tune your distribution center and keep on top of potential changes you’ll have to make later, here’s five quick steps to really put the finishing touch to your distribution center:


  1. Review and know your business requirements. Once the big physical warehouse overhauls are done, it’s time to hit the books. Review your recent sales volume, stock turns, returns, and shipments to get a better idea of what your inventory levels are at, what they can be, and what they should be to figure out your next steps, business-wise.
  2. Replace any damaged or obsolete systems. The world of warehouse technology can move pretty quickly, and it’s almost always in your best interest to try and keep up. Check out any outdated software, computer hardware, or even physical equipment installations you might have and see what’s due for an upgrade or replacement – and when you’ll have the budget to do the replacing.
  3. Find areas where you can make extra space. There’s always going to be areas in warehouses that are just a little too cramped, or could stand some extra space to make shipping and receiving easier on everyone. After the big renovations are done, take a look to see if there’s any areas that can use a little adjustment to give the workers some elbow room.
  4. Never be afraid to beef up security. No matter how much you trust your current staff or how many security measures you already have in place, there’s always places you could tighten things up even a little bit. Look for things like unmonitored shipping areas, doors that aren’t locking like they used to, or even things you can do to keep your computers and network safer. You never know what someone might try.
  5. Keep everyone trained and up-to-date. We’re sure you’ve got a great staff that can help you through whatever needs your warehouse encounters, but even the best workers can use a refresher course – and if you’ve got new policies in place, now is a perfect time to get everyone trained and up to date.


These are, of course, only a few ideas to get started, but there’s always something to be said for staying prepared and looking for ways to better your warehouse.

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