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We’ve always been a big supporter of our own community. Every year, we donate 10% of our earnings to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, and we’ve even taken up running as a team for health awareness! Now, we have the chance to do something completely different that is both fun, and supportive to the community. We’re throwing a big Halloween bash for the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce!

party invitation

The Ferndale Chamber of Commerce works in conjunction with the Oakland County Chamber to help small businesses succeed. Small businesses are the spirit of the American Dream, and happy to give them a place to mix, mingle, and potentially make new connections. In the meantime, our team is getting ready for the party!

A warehouse is a great place to throw a Halloween party, especially since warehouses are inherently eerie.

dark warehouse

We’ve got some fog machines, a live band, catered food, decorations, and prizes for best costume all coming this way! Stay tuned for some good times, great photos, cool costumes, and even an appearance by our C.E.O after he’s transformed into a pumpkin!

As an early Halloween present, we’ll leave you with this: a stencil for creating your own Pumpkin Joe, C.E.O! CEO

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