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If you work in a restaurant, you know all too well that floors and counters fall victim to mistreatment and overuse during long, busy days. Counter and floor space are precious commodities and all too often they become the go to for quick and easy storage. To minimize this occurrence and help you open up some space we’ve pulled together some of our favorite wall storage solutions.


Display Bottles on the Wall

Liquor bottles aren’t too hard to look at so they’re perfect for storing on the wall in full view of your restaurant. Try using brighter shelves, like our light-up bottle shelving, to amp up your bar area even more.

Four single tier LED bottle shelves mounted on the wall in a bar.

18 Bottles of Wine on the Wall

Wine is another common restaurant item that can be stored in plain view without sacrificing aesthetics.
Three tiered wine rack storing 18 wine bottles mounted on a wall.


Counters often fall prey to the little things that have nowhere else to go. Use plastic storage bins to accompany your wire shelving and get those little things out of the way. To make sure you never waste a moment looking for something, go ahead and add some shelving labels while you’re at it.
A set of nine stackable bins in different colors for use on wire shelving.

Mounted wire shelving

You can make the absolute most of dead space by keeping the floor clear and mounting some sturdy wire wall shelving. Can be used to store goods in the back of your restaurant or handsome decor in front.

Four shelf wire rack mounted on the wall with blue bottles.

Hang Ten… or so Pans

Pots and pans take up an incredible amount of space on your shelves. An impressive way to reduce this bulky clutter is to hang them on the wall. The result is not only a much more streamlined look but a quicker way to find just the pan you need. Tip: Use a rack with a shelf like this one to utilize the space even more.
Wire rack to hang pots and pans from with shelf on top.

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