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The best season of all is here, and with it comes the best weather. A cloudless day and a low of 72 degrees can tempt anyone to fire up the grill and host a barbecue.  But before you buy a new propane tank, you must first organize your layout. No one wants to attend a barbecue if it is a mess. Here at, we can satisfy all your barbecue needs and show you how to host “the barbecue of the summer”.



How to Set Up Your Barbecue:

single shelf_wiring shelf_stainless steel

Wire Shelving: Single Shelf

Let’s start with something simple. Our most trusted product is our wire shelving, and is also a customer favorite. Our products range from five shelf towers to single shelves. Our single-shelf products are the perfect display pieces for the delicious food you prepare.Can you picture the grilled hamburgers, the hot dogs, the medium rare steaks on display upon this shelf? Your barbecue masterpiece should be presented so the entire party can see. You could also use this single-shelf product to stabilize the propane tank. This product is strong enough to hold a propane tank filled to the brim.

Barbecue Utensil Organization:

cantilever wire

Wire Shelving: Cantilever Wire Shelves

When grilling for an entire party, you need multiple utensils. When using spatulas, tongs, skewers, and basting brushes; it’s easy to make a mess and get disorganized. Luckily for you, we have the perfect product to solve your barbecue organization dilemma. Our cantilever wire shelving provides a perfect space to place your barbecue utensils. This product can attach to the back of your barbecue and hangs above the grill. It provides a convenient place to set your utensils with easy access, without cluttering around the barbecue. If you would prefer to have the utensils hang from the shelf instead of lie on it, we have attachable hooks. We recommend the wave hooks and the loop hooks to hang your barbecue utensils.



Congratulations, you have impressed all your friends and family and have thrown the barbecue of the summer. But just before you schedule another barbecue for next weekend, make sure to clean up and put away leftovers you can store in your pantry for the next “barbecue of the summer”. Here at, our 3 shelf wire shelving and 4 shelf wire shelving fit conveniently in any pantry.


Wire Shelving: 3 shelf

Wire Shelving: 4 shelf

Save those extra hot dog and hamburger buns, and even bring in the utensils to store all your barbecue necessities. If you need some shelves in your refrigerator to save the delicious food you made, we also have Cooler Wire Shelving, as well.

Let this be the summer you gain the reputation of throwing the best barbecues, and can help you with that.

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