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If you’re in the ghoulish spirit of Halloween and interested in entertaining hordes of monsters, we’ve got a couple of simple tricks that will add to your holiday treats.

1. No Halloween party is complete without candy!

Halloween Parties Need Candy

The eerie lighting always helps. Which brings us to our second point.

2. Use your venue to its fullest potential!

Outside Creepy Warehouse

For instance: we have a warehouse and it’s already creepy. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t turn it into a creepier warehouse with spider webs, coffins, haunted wall paper, and spot lights!

warehouse party

If you’re entertaining monsters in your home, make them feel comfortable by making it appear haunted. In fact, you can do a lot to ease the social tension with a good costume.

3. Make the monsters feel at home by turning into one!

orange halloween costume

Of course, not all monsters are scary like Tentacle-Head, some are downright normal looking! They just happen to be from another time or place, an era when things are just a bit different than the life we know.

football Joe

Finally, we have one more piece of advice to ensure a successful (and peaceful) Halloween bash.

4. Live music soothes the savage beast!

Jim Aiello in the band

So if you have a friend with a guitar or a couple of friends in a band, have them get some live exposure and keep the monsters distracted so they don’t end up eating each other. Follow this guide, and you’ll be sure to have a successful Halloween party!

We’d like to send out a very special thank you to all the members of the Oakland County Chamber of Commerce who were able to come to our networking event, especially those that dressed for the occasion!

Until next time, happy Halloween!

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