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No matter what your foodservice business specializes in or offers their customers, there’s one problem they all have in common: keeping their supplies organized.

Different mealtimes, dishes, and specials through the day all require different tools and supplies, and sometimes it can be a chore to keep everything straight and make sure you have everything you need right on hand. If you find your kitchen staff frequently scrambling around to make sure they’re equipped for the influx of orders, here’s a few tips we’ve put together to make sure you can keep up with whatever your customers order:


Plan Ahead

The first step is to take a look at your previous orders (ideally from a long time period) and see what items get ordered most often, when they get ordered the most, and how to prepare them. Once this information is together, start making a list of what ingredients and kitchen utensils will be most needed through the day and segment it off by time period (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to keep your kitchen staff aware of what they need at what time.


Prepare Early, Prepare Often

The next step is to get all of these ingredients and supplies prepared and ready to use. Schedule some time for your workers to come in early in the morning, or if staffing levels allow ask one of your workers to come in between lunch and dinner to do additional prep work, and have them help set things up. Prepare the ingredients for more complex dishes at the beginning of the day and keep them aside to help reduce cook time and workload and keep all the needed tools and utensils (ladles, pans, strainers, etc) cleaned and at the ready to get on top of any sort of rush you might encounter.


Keep Everything Close At Hand

Of course, all the early preparation in the world doesn’t do a lot of good if your extra ingredients are kept far away or buried back in a walk-in freezer. If your kitchen has the room for it, try to get some extra refrigeration and restaurant shelving in your kitchen’s work area to help keep these supplies closer than they would be otherwise. It might require a bit of reorganization in your kitchen, but the amount of time and effort your workers will save will more than make it worth it.


Make It A Routine

All the planning and preparing in the world only helps so much if you only do it every once in a while. After you’ve got a good plan for preparing your kitchen, make sure to get your staff trained on it and work to ensure it becomes a habit for everyone. The more they do it, the easier it will become, and your customers, staff, and bottom line will all thank you.

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