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Last week our CEO had a crazy idea to have the staff of Shelving Inc. climb on top of our wire shelving. We all thought it would be a great team effort to prove how strong and reliable our shelving is while having some fun outside.

Yesterday afternoon we started to assemble a 24″ x 72″ x 84″ shelf using our 24″ deep shelving units. As we added each shelf, the anxiety and claustrophobia began. I had to squeeze onto the bottom shelf while five of my coworkers piled on top? What was I getting myself into? Should I call my mom first? Did I really love my job this much? Is our shelving really that strong?

I wiggled my way onto the bottom shelf and found a comfortable position. “Hey, this isn’t so bad! It’s like a super economical bunkbed for the family on 19 Kids and Counting!” As my coworkers confidently climbed onto the remaining shelves one by one, I noticed something. The unit didn’t shake or squeak. The shelves weren’t bending or wobbling. It was holding us! My anxiety disintegrated as I realized we now had six people safely on one of our wire shelving units. Now we have a place to sleep if the zombies attack!

Say “Cheese!”


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