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Most companies don’t leverage their motto, meaning they aren’t willing to stand behind it. America was sold on the foundation of one very influential motto: Land of the Free. While commerce abounds, lifestyles are welcome and America benefits from staying true to its tagline. We aim to do the same, because our motto really represents our business.

Making space work harder since 1960

We’ve been in the storage business for over 50 years, and we know how to really make your space work harder. Recently, we were given the opportunity to demonstrate this capability using our wire shelving in a residential setting.

We were approached by a customer who had an unused root cellar. Well, unused isn’t exactly right… better said “impossibly disorganized.” For those who don’t know, the root cellar comes from an architectural period roughly 200 years ago in the American tradition and is located directly beneath the front porch. Thanks to a little help from professional organizers at Shelving Incorporated, we were able to reclaim this fantastic space for additional household storage.

wire shelving in the pantry

Notice the detail that went into the design arranging these racks. Set up in a U-shape, the small cellar unit allows a walkway down the middle aisle, permitting access to all of the shelved groceries and kitchen supplies. One thing we’re quite proud of is the wire wine racks beneath all of the cook books, a very handy pair to keep near one another.

radius wire shelving with pots and pans

Adjoining the textured walls on each end are two standard shelves over a small radius shelf. This detail is crucial to the design, as the corner-facing radius shelf fits in a space where the walls bow outward. A rectangular shelf would not have fit in these tight corners, since the walls are not squared after two centuries of earth shifting about the exterior. Our products were able to provide more surface area for storage, making space work harder.

corner wire shelving in the kitchen

Keep this all in perspective, we are outfitting a small area for maximum storage space while allowing enough room to access the items resting thereupon. The above image really allows you to see in detail the radius shelf (to the left) attached to the middle shelf (connected as an add on), meeting the wine racks on the far end. If we can turn a dungeon into a pantry, imagine what we can do to make your space work harder. Call us to find out how we live by our motto at 800.637.9508.

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